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What if, in 90 days, you had a unique, results-based plan for your finances?

Imagine having no stress and anxiety about your financial future because you have proven strategies to secure your future (and your children's) while still enjoying your money now.

Here's the problem...

You know you could be using your money more effectively and proactively, but you are unsure where to begin.

You have an unsettling feeling that all of the discretionary money you have now have should be used differently. You want to have long-term financial stability and independence, but they don’t know what to invest in to get there. You want to live your best life now and when you retire, but you don't fully understand preparing for retirement.

Time is flying by with your children, and they want to create financial security for them, so they start adulthood with hope and opportunities to explore their passions without the weight of student loan debt, but you haven't started saving for them.

Your parents are aging, and you don’t know what you can do to prepare for the costs associated with eldercare.

And you really want to support their community through charity, but you don't feel secure enough in your finances to give regularly.

Here's why...

Analysis Paralysis

There's so much noise online about what you should be doing with your money. The varieties of ways to grow your money seem endless, and it's difficult to decipher what's good advice that will work for you and what's trash!

Now you're overthinking everything and not taking any action.


You're still getting comfortable with having more money than you have bills, so you're afraid of making the wrong decisions that may lead you back to survival money mode.

Money was taboo in your home, so you don't know who you can trust to get sound guidance.

If you want to learn how to break family curses and financially propel the future generations forward...


Beyond the Budget

90 Days to Create Your Blueprint for Building Generational Wealth

This step-by-step program will help you conceptualize and implement your personalized wealth-building and legacy plan using this 3-part framework in our weekly small-group coaching sessions.



Before you can take care of anyone else, you must secure your own future in your non-working years. In these sessions, we will identify your retirement money goals and how to invest strategically and mindfully to achieve them.



Next, we will explore your options for investments for your children, how to prepare for aging parents financially, and estate planning so that you can gift your children or other loved ones the options and opportunities that come with financial freedom.



Finally, we will define what you wish your legacy to be and how to maximize your charitable endeavors so that you can give money more intentionally and more often, and how to protect yourself and your family with the proper insurance.

Let's go beyond your budget...

There are many books, podcasts, and coaches teaching you what to do with your money now. They say "cut back on your coffees," "stop spending so much on *insert your guilty pleasure*" and "pay off all your debt before investing," but you're looking at the big picture, and you know your coffee runs aren't going to make you or your family wealthy.

This is the only program you will receive a customized, all-encompassing wealth strategy that is specific to your desires, the needs of your family, and the energy and effort you're willing to put forth.

You understand that money is just the tool you will use to get the security and freedom you and your loved ones deserve. You're ready to say goodbye to surviving and hello to thriving. You're ready to take impactful steps towards your wealth goals that will change the lives of your entire family and community.

This is for you if...

You want to secure your future bags.

You're young and able to work zealously right now to make the money you need to live comfortably, but you recognize you have to consider your financial future, so you are ready to make your money work smarter so you can work less later.

Or you've increased your income and understand the basics of money management, but you're ready to take your finances to the next level.

You desire to build something that outlives you.

You want your children to start their adult lives in a better financial position than you, so you want to help them avoid student loan debt or give them the financial flexibility to pursue their dream job and not work out of sheer necessity.

You also recognize that your money has a higher calling, so you want to elevate your finances so that you can be a blessing to others.

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Meet Your Speakers

Beyond The Budget's comprehensive approach to building wealth requires a tremendous amount of knowledge, so meet the experts who will be assisting you in crafting your blueprint.

Beyond the budget

Tiffany Burns

Founder of The Lotus Legacy

Tiffany is a Certified Financial Coach to Moms who want to build generational wealth and leave a legacy for their children while still enjoying their money now.

Tiffany is passionate about providing financial education and the mindset shifts required to develop and sustain a wealth-building strategy.

Tiffany is the Lead Expert for Beyond the Budget and will present the majority of the sessions.

Tax Strategist

Atiya Brown, CPA

Founder of The Savvy Account

Atiya is a Certified Public Account who helps her clients create the tax strategies that will save them money on their taxes and help them build generational wealth.

With over 15 years of finance experience, The Savvy Account is on a mission to help their Savvy Family save $1 Billion in taxes.

Atiya will be joining Beyond the Budget to teach the importance of tax strategy in your efforts to build wealth.

Estate Planning Attorney, Santos Legal Group

Kiara Santos, Esq.

Founder of The Santos Legal Group

Kiara is an attorney who is passionate about estate planning and its importance in the legal protection of assets and the transfer of wealth.

With over 8 years of law experience, Kiara strives to ensure all of her client's legal affairs are in order.

Kiara will be leading a session of Beyond the Budget to discuss estate planning and its significance to your legacy.

If you did not have a blueprint to build wealth, make one for your children.

In 90 days, you could create a financial plan that will change the trajectory of your family's life and gift future generations financial stability, security, and freedom.

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Working with Lotus Legacy felt like working with a sister or close friend...My credit has improved, and I have a better money mindset. I have learned to budget very efficiently."

— Tamara W.

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